Best Helicopter Tours in New York

Monday, June 25, 2012 1 comments
Are you looking for the best tours of New York? Have you tried looking to the sky? Helicopter tours are a unique and fun way to experience New York, and are much more affordable then you may think. In a helicopter you can see New York City from top to bottom in under 30 minutes, witnessing all the best sights with none of the traffic.

There are many Helicopter tours in New York, and it can be hard to pick the right one. Remember to check not only the price of the tour, but the duration as well. Do you want one long tour, or several short tours for about the same price? Will the tour cover all the things you want to see? Most Helicopter tour companies will allow you to create a custom route to follow if no normal tour goes there, though this tends to cost considerably more.

Also, if you don't want to drive to the airport, you can request that the pilot bring the helicopter to you; most any skyscraper in New York has a helipad on the roof, and there are hundreds of other places the pilot can meet you. Taking a helicopter tour is all about convenience, so get picked up wherever you are. And now, here are some of the most popular New York helicopter tours.

Liberty Helicopter Tours

Liberty helicopters has been in business for over 25 years; longer then any other helicopter tour company in New York. They are renowned for having the largest fleet of helicopters in the northeast, as well as the most pilots. Almost all Liberty pilots are former military or NYPD professionals, so you are guaranteed a disciplined and well-trained and pilot.

Among all of Liberty's tours, the "New York, New York" tour is easily the most popular, flying over some of New York City's most well-known sights. Have your camera ready as they take you on a 20-minute tour of famous landmarks, including the Empire State Building, the Chrysler building, and a fly-over of Central Park and Yankee Stadium, not to mention the Statue of Liberty itself.

Helicopter Flight Services, New York

HeliNY is perhaps lesser known then Liberty, but is easily on par with them in experience and dedication to the perfect flight. They have several tours on offer, but the one that draws crowds is the Deluxe tour. The Deluxe tour is definitely one of the most complete helicopter tours in New York, offering over 30 minutes of flight time and covering the entirety of New York City. Here you will see nearly every notable point of interest, from the Statue of Liberty to Midtown, the Northern tip of Manhattan to the New Jersey Palisades, with extra flight time over the Verrazano bridge and Ground Zero.

These are among the best helicopter tours in New York, and you simply can't go wrong with any of them. The experience of a helicopter flight is something that can only be understood once you have done it, and New York is among the best cities in the world to try.

The Charisma of Popular India Tour Packages

Thursday, June 14, 2012 24 comments
India has always been a magnet for tourists from across the world. Its residents also travel India extensively. India is expansive and covers a large geographic region. Even within India, there are differences in climate and temperatures. India's varied terrain offers a plethora of options to explore, and diverse experiences.

It is almost impossible to make a comprehensive tour of India all at once. A more viable option is the choice of India Tour Packages, which allow you to cover specific regions and experience all there is to offer. This will allow you to visit most attractions, and also get a feel of the history, culture and lifestyle better. Several India Tour packages are available today. Choices can be made depending on personal preferences. These are some of the most preferred package Tours in India:

• Zonal Packages: Zonal packages divide India into five regions and allow you East India Tour Packages, Package Tour of West India, South India Tour Package, North India Package Tours and Central India Tour Packages. The aim of these tours is to enable tourists to cover as many significant attractions and cities within the region.

• Golden Triangle Tour Packages: This is among the most popular tourist options, since it covers hot spots like Jaipur and Agra. Comprising Jaipur, Delhi and Agra, the Golden Triangle Tour Package is a subset of the North Indian Tour. Due to the grand exhibits it showcases, it is an ideal choice for those with a time constraint.

• Beach Tours: India is surrounded by sea on three sides. It is no wonder, then, that Beach Tour have plenty of variety on show. Although several beaches line the coastline of India, more popular beach destinations lay on its western shores. Goa, Karnataka and Kerala have the most renowned beaches with superlative facilities. Among the most well known beaches of India are the Juhu and Chowpatty beach in Mumbai, Baga and Anjuna beaches in Goa, and the Marina Beach in Chennai.

• Hill Station Tours: The most picturesque hills of India are located in the North. Among the various locations, Himachal Pradesh gives you the most spectacular view of hills amid the most bounteous surroundings. Hill stations like Shimla, Kulu and Manali have a welcoming climate and days of indulgence for tourists.

• Backwater Tours Packages: The backwaters are the silent hero of the South. Unassuming, yet highly alluring, the backwaters beckon tourists to spend days in the midst of nature and live a life of simplicity and tranquility. This India Tours option finds several takers through the year.

• Wildlife Tours: India has sanctuaries and reserves in almost every state, each of which showcases the most amazing animals, birds and flora that thrive in the region. While each has its own distinct charm, the popular parks like the Ranthambore National Park, Periyar National Park and the Corbett National Park offer sightings of the tiger and countless elephants which give India her character.

These are only some of the popular tours in India. There are places of pilgrim worship, history and culture which can be put together to make attractive Tour Packages in India. Look for 'Indian luxury Tours' and get your perfect Indian holiday.

Tours in West Africa

Sunday, June 10, 2012 1 comments
If you are looking for African vacation tour destinations then you should really start thinking about West Africa tour holidays. While large parts of this continent are desert, it is impossible to take away from the fascinating touring attractions the various countries here have to offer. Whether you are thinking of a Ghana tour, a Senegal tour, a Mali tour, a Burkina Faso tour, or a Togo or Benin tour for that matter, you are surely bound to enjoy the mystic nature of your expedition. A tour in West Africa offers a definite source of adventure and is made more interesting thanks to the alluring names the various destinations here have. You just need the help of a reliable West Africa tour company to enjoy your West African safari tour holidays.

Are you considering West Africa tour holidays in Togo and Benin? Well, your map should show you that these two countries lie between Ghana and Nigeria and that both have coastlines. A worthy Benin tour must certainly feature a visit to the palace in Abomey which is recognized as a World Heritage Site and also the Route des Enscalves. You must also find time to learn more about the voodoo ceremonies and traditions the Ouidah region here is renowned for. However, for your Benin tour to be really complete your tour company should really make an effort to ensure you witness the thrills and spills that a West Africa festival has to offer.

As for a Togo vacation, much of what there is to see is found to the north near Kara and destinations like Aneho. Ensure that you have a tour package that will let you enjoy the scenery of the area which largely consists of plateaus and many mud-brick houses. You will definitely love hiking in the hills and seeing the wildlife that Benin and Togo have.

A tour of Mali will make for an interesting African safari adventure tour any day. Malian tours have so much to offer bearing in mind that the country features natural attractions like the Sahara desert and the River Niger. The list of places that appear on the drop-down under 'destinations' include Dogon Country, Djenne which is known for its expansive mud mosque, and Timbuktu which has a really ancient allure.

Coach tours to Timbuktu are a definite must and should offer lots of sightseeing, not to mention the pleasure of attending a Timbuktu festival. A slow boat group travel trip down the River Niger is the ideal way to see lots of hippos and fascinating mud villages on the river's banks. All in all, this particular tour package is bound to give you lots of nostalgia when you look back at your Mali vacation times.

Many West Africa tour companies have Senegal vacation and travel tours on their cards, and for good reason; this is West Africa's most toured country. Senegal is largely stable and features lots of hotels, beaches, and of course lots of scenery variations. Package tours here should at least feature the main attractions in Ile de Goree and the fishing villages of Joal-Fadiout.

A Ghana tour should see your preferred West Africa tours company take you to the various attraction centred on the tourist triangle of Accra, Takoradi/Cape Coast and Kumasi; ideally the list of places that appear on the drop-down under 'destinations'. This is a country that offers the best in size and variety ranging from Accra its cosmopolitan capital to the weather-beaten regions in its north. There are plenty of good hotels here and wildlife can be seen at the Mole National Park.