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Tuesday, April 10, 2012
They call it erotica, but the great masters who created poems on stones in Ajanta-Ellora caves off Mumbai (Bombay) India, knew better the human nature and needs than the modern man. Come and savor the delectable and amazing sculptures scripted by unknown master's centuries ago.

SLS Tourist-Indian Tour firm has customized and affordable tours for varied parts of India. West India-Central India tour is one of them and it covers India's commercial and culture capital, Mumbai, and Aurangabad's world-famous caves. Thrown in between in liberal measure are numerous historical and cultural attractions.
A 7-day Ajanta-Ellora-Mumbai gives you a kaleidoscopic view of what was great in India of yore and the power of India today. Mumbai Island has seen much cultural, historical evolutions and it's truly the eye of India as it is the commerce capital of the country.

Gateway of India, the principal landmark, Prince of Wales Museum, Jehangir Art Gallery, the Victoria Terminus, Mahalaxmi temple, the Hajji Ali tomb are but a few of the great visual delights awaiting you. Of all, the Ajanta Caves, 110 km away from Mumbai, is where the arts lovers would flock. Those beautiful stone crafts, many of them depicting human sex, reflect the recess of human nature which is usually hidden from the frontal view. Wow! You would say, and millions before you, said.

SLS people have similar tours thoughtfully devised to give you an aerial view of this great country of unique diversity. Golden Triangle Tour, Golden Triangle Tour with Rajasthan, Royal Rajasthan Tour, Best of Rajasthan Tour, Himachal Honeymoon Tour will cover the entire North India, while South India tour package will have the best of South India Honeymoon Tour, South India Hill Station Tour, Tamilnadu Heritage Tour, Tamil Nadu Temple Tour and the Best of Kerala Tour which would give you the exhilarating and invigorating Kerala Honeymoon Tour, Kerala Backwater Tour Package, Vacations in Kerala, Kerala Ayurvedic Tour.

The SLS people are in the forefront in arranging the best and most economical tours because they have the advantage of scale and amassed experience of 15 years in this field. Domestic and overseas tourists who come for varied missions in mind get their dreams fulfilled with customized tours and package tours whichever they chose.

SLS network goes beyond India and Asia. It does have a tie-up with the most reputed resorts and hotels in the favored tourist places in this planet. Exotic locales, the best attractions and the least cost are the driving motto of this tour operator firm which has offices in the capital Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Cochin and associations with tour/resort operators across the country.


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    I am really agree with this sample posting "The SLS people are in the forefront in arranging the best and most economical tours because they have the advantage of scale and amassed experience of 15 years in this field." Have to get your posting here.Nice informative.

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    Many hotels strive hard for making the experience of India travel as enjoyable as possible. When picking a hotel, consider how it could help to enhance your experience. While some hotels may show some sporting events on a big screen in the hotel bar, others might provide shuttle services to and from your destinations.

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